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Office Syndrome

Working in front of computer screen for a long period of time without any physical movement may cause effects to both physical and mental health, in particular to a body, including several kinds of pain, either at the shoulders, neck, back, shoulder blades, head, wrists, hands, feet, eyes, or eye sockets, and even chronic pain. Of course, many office youngsters realize these symptoms well. They are key symptoms causing Office Syndrome. Not only muscle pain at shoulders, shoulder blades, or neck, but sitting without movement for a long time may also cause a herniated disc resulting in chronic backache and possibly resulting in scoliosis as well.

When muscle is tense, blood will be unable to flow smoothly. Expired red blood cells will not be transmitted for disposal at livers and spleen as usual. They will remain in the muscle and may lead to chronic pain and fatigue if they are mixed with lactic acid.

Acupressure Thai massage plus Remedial Massage are basic treatments based on anatomical knowledge helping to relax tense muscle, to arouse blood vessels, to expand and to enable blood flow to back, head, neck, shoulders to be usual. Consequently, you will immediately feel comfortable and relaxation.


5 Symptoms of Office Syndrome to be Watched Out!

1. Tensely pain at neck and shoulders

All office youngsters working in front of computer screen for a long time usually have pain and tension at neck and shoulders. Pain and tension would make it hard for some of them to turn, bow or lift their head. In some mild cases, they would just have pain at neck, shoulders and shoulder blades. If you are having any of such symptoms, it should be alleviated urgently by having muscle relaxing massage. Do not leave it for too long as your symptom may increase and it will be harder to cure. For anyone who tries getting massage but the symptom still persists, it is best recommended to consult a medical specialist.

2. Hardness to lift arms

This symptom is resulted from the first symptom causing muscle tense and pain from neck, shoulders, and down to arms. This will cause the hardness to lift arms because there are some membranes attaching to the area of shoulder blades and shoulder tips. Some people may have numbness at their hands or fingers as well. For whoever has this symptom, it should be treated by acupressure doctor in order to decompose membranes and to apply hot pack to enable blood flow into membrane-attaching areas to soften and to alleviate pain. The symptom will get better.

3. Backache

This symptom is quite typical among all Office Syndrome's symptoms. This is caused by sitting or standing for too long at work, in particular for girls who wear high heels all day. These girls may be easily suffered from backache. Regular work involving heavy loading or overdone workout may also cause backache from sprain, lameness, tense or pain at muscles in back area. Some people may be unable to bend or twist their body. It is recommended to see Thai traditional doctor or medical specialist to completely cure the symptom.

4. Pain and tension at legs

This is caused by sitting, walking, or standing for too long, leading to muscle and tendon pain and tension at legs. Some people may suffer at knees and ankles as well. These pains are caused by heavy use of legs every day, resulting in accumulated fatigue. If it is ignored for too long without any medical treatment, it will lead to pain and numbness at feet and tiptoes area. It is recommended to call for a treatment immediately even though the symptom just starts.

5. Headache

Each day, most of office workers are accumulatively stressful without realizing it. Consequently, they have headache. Some cases are caused by overload of works. When having headache, most people will solve it by taking some painkillers. Some people have taken pills continuously for a long period of time. Pills would temporarily help alleviate the pain. However, it may worsen the symptom. If you regularly have headache, you should consult your doctor and have a checkup for the real cause of problem so you can have a proper treatment immediately in order to enjoy your life more.


10 Behaviors to be Improved to Prevent Office Syndrome

  1. Cross-legged sitting: Body weight will rely on only one side of body. When it is persistent for too long, it may cause scoliosis.
  2. Cross-armed sitting: It may stretch upper back, shoulder blades and shoulder tips so the upper back will be humpbacked and bended forward. Neck bone will also stretch forward, affecting nerves to arms. This probably results in hand fatigue and numbness.
  3. Humpbacked sitting: Sitting in front of computer screen for hours, for example, will cause tense muscle and lactic acid congestion, resulting in fatigue, pain, and later causing malunion.
  4. Partially sitting on a chair: This may cause overloading capacity of back muscle due to the imbalance of a base supporting the body weight.
  5. Standing by weighting on one leg: Correct standing is to balance weight on both legs. Distance between legs must be wider than the width of hip. This will make a balance of body structure.
  6. Lean-back/humpbacked standing: It is recommended to stand with straight back and pull the belly a little to keep the straight line of lower bone, which can help prevent backache.
  7. Do not wear high-heel shoes higher than 1.5 inches: Wearing high-heel shoes higher than that height will cause over-leaning lower back, which can result in backache.
  8. Carrying a heavy bag on only one shoulder: Do not carry a heavy bag on only one side of shoulder for too long. It is best to carry the bag by equally using both sides of your body. Do not use only one side all the time as it will make that side overloading, which may result in scoliosis.
  9. Regularly carrying heavy objects with fingers: This may create membranes between finger joints, resulting in trigger's finger.
  10. Curling or sloping lying: Face-up sleeping is the most proper lying position. Head must be placed in flat. A pillow must be neither too hard nor too soft. There should be a pillow to support knees to reduce the extension of lower backbone. If it is necessary to sleep on one's side, there must be a bolster to put both legs on in order to maintain the straight line of bone.


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